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  I received a phone call yesterday concerning the portapot at the DNR boat ramp. The call was from Marge & Ron Grisez. We all need to thank them for the call and concern. I drove over there this morning and immediately got sick! The port-a-pot is out into the lake quite a ways and the top is still in the high weeds by the cement ramp. Just thinking what could have been in the pot is dangerous for our health as well as the health of the lake. The biological  [ stuff ] in it will help bring more algae and weeds as well as possible sickness. Please spread the word about this as soon as possible to all of your neighbors and friends. I have called the Steuben County Health Dept. as well as the National Response Center. I will call the sheriff so that they can contact local DNR. Does any of you have any info at all about who could have done this? We have had enough problems here without something like this happening.   

September 20, 2016
John Williamson




       Good morning to all of West Otter Lake residents. I announced at our fall meeting that I will be resigning as President effective immediately as I am moving away.
   Unfortunately the meeting was very poorly attended so I thought a web posting to be necessary. Jodi Kruger has graciously accepted the role of president until the spring meeting, but at that time she can no longer serve in the role either.
    Therefore, someone will need to step up and volunteer to the position. Also, there are openings for board members and for webmaster.
    Those of you who are participating and volunteering --- I cannot thank you enough !

     Those of you who have not participated and refuse to pay dues---YOU ARE GOING LOSE STATE FUNDING FOR WEED CONTROL. And West Otter Lake will be lost.
      The choice is yours !  If you have interest in volunteering please contact Jodi Kruger or Bill Roberts and they will be happy to discuss.
    Bill Roberts---bnbroberts@locl.net
    Jodi Kruger--jodikruger@hotmail.com


Bill Essman